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Director’s & Officer’s Liability

What is Director's & Officer's Liability Insurance?

D&O Insurance protects directors or other responsible personnel in the event they were charged by the company and the company has claimed for damages committed management’s actions or the company has faced the claim by third parties due to illegal or inappropriate management’s actions.
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is liability insurance payable to the directors and personnel of a company, or to the company itself, as reimbursement for losses or defense costs in the event an insured party suffers such a loss as a result of a legal action brought for wrongful acts on their behalf as directors and company personnel. D&O coverage can extend to defense costs arising from criminal and regulatory investigations.
D&O liability Insurance will not be in force if actions of the management will be agreed as deliberate or criminal but as long as it is proved in court, the Insurance company will still pay for the defence costs incurred by the criminal process.

What does it cover?

  • Financial losses
  • Liability arising from the relationship of employment
  • Administrative penalties
  • Legal expenses

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