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Marine & Cargo Insurance

What is Marine & Cargo Insurance?

In today’s world shipping accounts for near 90% of global trade, daily international operations worth millions of dollars means it is essential to effectively manage risks involved.
Ship owners and charterers must be Insured “P & I” (called a Protection & Indemnity) Insurance associated with damages to third parties. P & I Insurance usually covers these risks: damage to or loss of Cargo, environmental damage, damage to passengers or crew health, life or property arising out of the collision of ships. Debris removal after the Insured event, also passengers repatriation expenses.

What does it cover?

Hull and machinery (H & M) Insurance includes:
  • Hull and machinery (H & M) Insurance
  • Increased value Insurance
  • War Risks (including Terrorism)
  • Business interruption Insurance (BI)
  • Builders/ Construction risks (including conversion risks)
  • Delay of delivery
  • Towing and voyage risk Insurance
  • Port risks
  • Sub-sea equipment Insurance
  • Protection and Indemnity coverage
P & I Marine Insurance covers:
  • Protection and Indemnity including Freight, Demurrage & Defence (FD & D)
  • Charterer’s liability insurance
  • Marine Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Marine Products Liability Insurance
  • Terminal operator’s liability insurance
  • Port Authorities liability insurance
  • Stevedores liability
  • Marine Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Shipbuilders product liability
  • Bunkering companies liability insurance

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